A natural storyteller, Dr. Hanson has, through his books, videos and  presentations, made a rich treasure of ancient texts accessible to  everyone.

A scholar of Hebrew language and  literature, and the history of the Jewish people, from ancient times  through the Holocaust and beyond, Ken Hanson, Ph.D., is Coordinator of  the Judaic Studies at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.
Passionate about his research of the  ancient world, Dr. Hanson carries his ecumenical message beyond the  scholarly boundaries in which they were once held captive. His  appearances on syndicated radio and national television (The History  Channel), have brought ancient insight into everyone’s world.
A recipient of wide accolade from the print media and in great demand as a popular lecturer, Ken is a  frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows in various parts of the  country.
Biblical Archaeology
Ancient Israel
The Prophets
"Kosher" Jesus
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